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 new application rules

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new application rules  Empty
PostSubject: new application rules    new application rules  Icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2014 3:12 pm

1) New peeps, must buy Waaaggh! (aka ME) Beer, or food, or BOTH!

2) If I wish to hug, or require a hug, you must offer your services immediately!

3) If in a merry (drunk) state, I wish to ramble on about "general pointless stuff" .. you must lend me your ear, or amuse me by responding.

4) If I don't remember the night or the day before, then you must sweep it under the carpet and forget about it (like I did).

5) It is required to offer to make me tea! (white with 1 please)

6) must agree that BACON or ICE CREAM, fixes everything!

7) Must listen to me sing! regardless of song choice !!!!

hmm .. think that's it, well .. may edit later!What a Face 

Look forward to seeing ya'll comply with the above and seeing you sexy cats in da game! Razz 

xx Waaaggh! xx  afro 
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new application rules
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