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 Vader'ash, Warrior

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PostSubject: Vader'ash, Warrior   Vader'ash, Warrior Icon_minitimeMon Aug 03, 2015 2:21 am

Name (or what ever else we should call you):

Vader or just V  is the name that has stuck by me since TBC, as that was the name of my then main rogue and that is still what I liked being called

Any other funny/interesting/disturbing things about yourself that we should know?

Besides the fact that I eat babies, really really little ones  Twisted Evil and  cute little kittens(not big Drama Cats), there probably are a few ones (mostly disturbing) but its better to let other people be the judge of that.
You will probably find out eventually Wink


Char. Name:Vader'ash
Char. Class:Warrior
Char. Spec:Currently Arms/Prot


I'd like to start off just writing a quick personal wow bio, read it if you wish  Smile          

I started out on this warrior, on the alliance side of the server Skullcrusher in mid vanilla, as a few of my RL friends kept bugging me to start playing.
I also made a rogue and started doing alot of PVP on them both.
At the time the PVP system was really brutal and you had to keep at it at every waking hour or else your standings would decline quickly.
And when Blizzard introduced X-realm Bgs the queues became  so brutally long I just stopped doing PvP before it made me become a nutter, as it took alot out of me.
But i did manage to get the Commander title on the War (Lt. Gen) and the Knight-Champion(Centurion) title on the rogue before quiting.

I turned the focus onto the rogue and began raiding and managed to raid ZG, MC and Onyxia back in the day before TBC came out, but sadly never sat foot in AQ, BWL or the original Naxx.
Experiencing the original Naxx and seeing the corrupted Ashbringer drop would have been a real fun memory to have Smile

When TBC hit we all jumped servers and landed on Tarren Mill where I eventually became part of a guild called Mithrilguard constisting of mature , friendly people and with  a great guild atmosphere.
This became my home during all of TBC and WotLK.
In TBC I got to raid Karazhan,ZA,Mag, Gruul,TK and SSC on a regular basis.
Looking back I think that this was when I enjoyed this game the most.
Accomplishing things with a friendly bunch of players was a great experience.

In WotLK i still played my rogue at first and raided Naxx for a bit but quickly started to play my mage and a bit on my holy pala.
I got to raid OS, Naxx, Ulduar,TotC and even ICC.
But during WotLK is where it all fell apart and it all started when a world leading guild named Ensida landed on the horde side of Tarren Mill.
The server started crashing due to what people said was a fishing macro designed to ruin Ensidia's chances on becoming Worlds first of some raid, I can't really remember the specifics.
But the consequences were that either alot of Ensidia fan boys re-rolled horde or alot of guilds and players on the alliance side just transferd servers or just stopped playing altogether.
This left an abandoned alliance side of the server and a barren guild.

I didn't see the Cataclysm expansion much as at that point I had stopped playing and this was also the point where all my RL friends stopped playing aswell.
I played a few months during MoP mostly running around by myself and doing LFR on various chars.
When WoD came out I got in contact with some of my old guildies and found out that they had moved to
the horde side of the Draenor server, so i decided to join them and try out the new expansion for a while.
But after a 3 month break I got back and it seems all my old guildies and the rest of the guild we had joined had stopped playing and I once again found myself running around alone.

Which led me up to this point.

OK, I guess that wasn't really as short as I wanted it to be but blame yourself if you read it  Wink

What do you like doing ingame (raids, pvp, level alts ect.)?

I like to level alts , mostly my mage at the moment(93) and do some occasional pvp.
I guess the other things I find myself doing is what most people are doing these days, running around once garrison and do Tanaan jungle over and over again.

I also spend alot of time doing mount runs 5 times a week in TotFW, FL and ICC on various toons.
I have also started doing MVS on the warrior for the mount.
I wouldn't say that i like to do it exactly, as I am getting really tired of some of those places, but I would like me them sweet mounts  tongue

Are you applying mainly as a chatty social or a raider? (you can always change your mind about this later)

In an ideal world (namely mine Laughing ) it would be as hybrid of the two, but that would not be fair to anyone.
As my priority is to find a good online home , my application would be as a Social at this point.

As I am not familiar with your raid schedule, is it tuesdays and sundays?
Nor your raid rules, attendance demands or what you require out of your raiders it would not be fair to you guys as a team for me to apply as a raider before I fully knew what being a raider in DC fully implied.

But I would definetly be interested in raiding,if in the future you should decide you would have me tag along and add another member to you team.

However I would like to add somethings for future reference should that situation ever occure:

I can't be a 100% attendance simply because of my work.
I work a 5 week shift rotation and that means I can work at all hours of the day every day of the week.
An example would be that I can join for most raids on tuesdays but not all whitin a 5 week rotation.
I might make this sound a bit more complicated than it actually is, but likely I would probably be online during most of your raids anyway.
My point is simply work and real life must come first.

The second thing i would like you to know in regards to me raiding is that I would like to get a little "comfy" and get to know people and let them get to know me before I raid with them.
That might seem a little silly to alot of you but I feel i would preform better in a "safe" inviorment with friendly people and thus that is important to me , that is just how I work Rolling Eyes

Lastly I want to get a little feel of your raid atmosphere as I must be blunt and say that I am past the point where I would want an 18 year old overemotional raid leader yell and have a fit because of a simple whipe at some random boss, this is afterall just a game.

These are only some of my thoughts around me raiding,please don't misinterpret it as anything else Smile

Do you know anybody currently in Drama Cats?


Where did you hear of us, and why do you think we are the guild for you?

I saw you advertise in general chat and checked out the advertisement on the forums.
I like that you want mature and easy going people, and that you would like this to be a real home for it's members as this is not something I have had since late WotLK.
And something tells me that this place might be just that.

I' d really like to play with nice and friendly people, though taking the game seriously, still recognize that it is just a game and not life itself.

I also interpret the guild name as humoristic and very ironic and that there is actually very little drama in here to mention, as that is what I am looking for.
But I do realize that I might be very very wrong about that  Laughing

Anything else you wish to add to support your application

I am a helpful, mature and very patient person that likes to help my , be it nice, guildmates out with different content.
Although you might have to endure some drama jokes in guild chat Smile

Hope to hear from you soon



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PostSubject: Re: Vader'ash, Warrior   Vader'ash, Warrior Icon_minitimeWed Aug 05, 2015 1:58 am

Looks good, other than the fact you eat kittens Surprised Furries shouldn't be food! You can join as a social ofc, if you want to raid though (we raid THURSDAYS and Sundays) Smile we can talk about that a bit later though if you want to raid further down the line :p
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PostSubject: Re: Vader'ash, Warrior   Vader'ash, Warrior Icon_minitimeWed Aug 05, 2015 2:00 am

Hello there cat
And thanks for the app. Lots of information, a good read and I got so many questions! Like what do you take pictures of? Nature? People? Show us! But we can do all that later Smile
And can you pls stop eating kittens, if we wont tell anyone about the missing babies?

You sound like you'd be a good fit with us! (just dont judge us by first impression, we need time to charm you, then you'll never want to leave <3 )

Talk ingame? Add my battletag is carina#2810 or whisper anyone that can point you in the direction of someone with rights to invite Smile

Vader'ash, Warrior FLnlZn
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PostSubject: Re: Vader'ash, Warrior   Vader'ash, Warrior Icon_minitime

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Vader'ash, Warrior
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