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 IMPORTANT information regarding raids

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PostSubject: IMPORTANT information regarding raids   IMPORTANT information regarding raids Icon_minitimeWed Jan 14, 2015 2:39 pm

We have never been a guild with a lot of rules. We have instead tried to only recruit people with a mindset that in itself improves the guild’s atmosphere and and progression. As the guild grows bigger, and content changes, we see that we need to make a few rules to ensure that the guild, and especially the guilds raids, are still a great place to be for those who put time and effort into them.
We also see a lot of people joining as raiders, only to show up for raids “once in a blue moon”. That makes it hard for us to recruit, and to get a steady raid team. This can make raiding frustrating for both leaders and raiders.

The officers have there for agreed on a few rules that apply for the raiders of the guild. We are aiming to get a more steady team with a core of raiders that will accept this rules. We will give raider spots to people within the guild that will accept these rules, then recruit until the spots are filled.

1. We have decided to create a set raid team of 15 to help us progress more efficiently. Similar to what we had in Siege of Orgrimmar. Those who are interested should whisper an officer (Aidy, Carina, Karolina or Josh) and we will mark you as a raider.

2. We see the need to have attendance requirements. We have decided on a 75% attendance requirement. This means that should you accept a raider rank, we expect you to sign- and show for 6 out of the 8 raids we have each month. If you for some reason can not show due to real life reasons, just let one of the officers know up front, and it will be OK, even if that will drop you under the 75% requirements.

3. If you got a problem with someone's gameplay or their behaviour, message the raid leader. Do not complain about or talk down on someone else in front of the whole team.

4. The raid leader decide on tactics and is always the one deciding when the raid ends. This means that you should not take it upon yourself to try to “lead” the raid team using different tactics. Of course you are free to message the raid leader with suggestions, or suggest in raid chat that we might want to try a different approach. The raid ends around 11. That means that if you sign and show, you should not start saying you are going to log alts, level you cooking or dance naked in Dalaran, until the raid is over. This is very demoralizing on the rest of the raid.

5. As a raider you will get priority on raid spots for both progression raids, and lower raids. In exchange we require you to confirm that you are okay with these rules.

Socials are free to stay as they are, and will be welcome to join when we don't have enough raiders available, for alt-raids and raids on normal difficulty, once this is no longer considered progression content.
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IMPORTANT information regarding raids
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