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 Erely, resto druid

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PostSubject: Erely, resto druid   Mon Dec 01, 2014 5:41 pm


Name (or what everelse we should call you): Bregje, but I'm usually called B online. Also called Saret or Ravih (old char names), but rerolled to a char named Erely now, so it's all fine really.

Age: 32

Where are you from? The Netherlands

Any other funny/interesting/disturbing things about yourself that we should know? Well, I guess you'd find out sooner or later, but I'm sort of a crazy catlady, and because I foster as well, I might not be available for all raids during the kittenseason. Besides that, I'm old and wise enough to not post disturbing things on a public forum, if there would be any Smile *looks innocent*


Char. Name: Erely
Char. Class: Druid
Char. Spec: Resto
Armoury Link: Not allowed to post a link yet!


What do you like doing ingame (raids, pvp, level alts ect.)?
Raiding, farming, some alts here and there, doing old content, hanging out with guildies. Currently enjoying my farmcow as new main, trying to fish some lunkers at times, play a little on alts, dailies, that kind of thing. I've never really enjoyed PvP, although when playing a priest (my old main), it feels more like walking around with a big fat "hit me" sign above your head than it does now on my druid, so I actually have been doing some lately and somewhat enjoyed that as well.

Are you applying mainly as a chatty social or a raider? (you can always change your mind about this later) I'm applying as a raider.

Do you know anybody currently in Drama Cats? Nope.

Where did you hear of us, and why do you think we are the guild for you?
I read your recruitmentmessage ingame the other day, spoke to an officer a bit that day and today, and decided to apply. I used to raid hc back in TBC, and even though that was my best time ingame, I'd never want to raid that much anymore and I became more and more casual throughout the years - to a point where I just did some LFR at times. But I miss the raiding in a guild where you know the players; who is squishy, who can't resist eating fire and who is the joker on vent about it all. And work as a team with that knowledge to enjoy the content, instead of seeing the content but then with the general attitude and atmosphere that LFR offers.
So I'm looking for a guild that raids, but not every day (prefer a few times a week) and not till midnight, and that sets 'fun' above 'progress'. You seem to do that. I'm also looking for a guild that isn't too big, or that has a lot of younger people, and a lot of the recruitment I see is about progress, mythic, lots of raiddays, link achi, etc. I miss having a guild with likeminded people, to just have a good time with! People that have the experience to know how to make raids smooth and enjoyable, but also understand there's more in life than that Smile
On a sidenote, I have the last evening of a course this Thursday, so if I were to get accepted, I can't throw around all the green leafy stuff that night just yet Smile

Anything else you wish to add to support your application? Meow?
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PostSubject: Re: Erely, resto druid   Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:49 pm

We need healers, and from what you say about what you are looking for, you would fit our guild very well. I'll give a couple more members and/or officers an hour or two to have a say, but tbh you had me at "but I'm sort of a crazy catlady, and because I foster as well, I might not be available for all raids during the kittenseason.". By accepting a guildinvite, you will agree to share kittypictures ! I used to foster as well, but my home seemed to fill up from fostercats never leaving. So now i only help capturing and rehoming Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Erely, resto druid   Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:55 pm

Im happy to have more ladies in the guild. It feels like a complete sausage fest in the guild atm, i feel like we are under represented. Plus, crazy cat ladies are the best. I say WELCOME!
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PostSubject: Re: Erely, resto druid   Tue Dec 02, 2014 5:54 pm

Hey Bregje, your app looks good and we do need more healers Smile As for "raids a few times a week" we raid twice Sunday/Thursday 2000-2300. I'll try find you in game and have a chat with you Smile The ladies seem to like you.

Also Xicon I thought you liked a good sausage fest now and then?
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PostSubject: Re: Erely, resto druid   

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Erely, resto druid
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