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PostSubject: RECRUITMENT   RECRUITMENT Icon_minitimeThu May 22, 2014 8:26 am

Posted on the Draenor battle.net forum.

[Drama Cats] is a brand new guild, started by people that has played together since TBC.

Our vision is to create a guild where our members can feel "at home", as this is something we have missed for a long time ourself. We want an active guild, but not so crowded, we cant get to know each other.

We aim to raid as soon as we get the people for it, so we are looking for people who would be interested in that. We are more interested in your attitude, then in your ilvl. One can earn the gear/experience, but not all have the great attitude we are looking for.

In addition to raids, we also like PvP, and wouldn't mind some more company on the battlefield, or in arena.

We also spend way too much time just chatting in voice and in guild chat. We are looking for fun-lovin' people to join in with the activities, or to just "hang out". We like the social aspect of the game, and the atmosphere in the guild is our number one priority.

If you are social, with a positive attitude, an enthusiasm for the game, and a lovable personality, we would love to hear from you, regardless of your gear, experience and achievements. As we are fairly adult ourself (or should be by now I suppose...) we prefer people from the age of 20+.
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